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HERO, the mobile trash can

function : 

mobile trash can  Hero is a trash robot that does his rounds during the break  through the cafeteria  and across the school yard. He lets you hold waste against his sensor and indicates on a built-in screen which material it is made of. He has 4  waste bins inside: 1 for paper, 1 for plastic, 1 for vegetable and 1 for other. After the waste you want to throw away has been scanned, he opens the waste hatch to the correct bin.  hero  is a role model for waste separation. 

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Paco, the pen for inspiration and creativity


Paco is a hand to hand pen and happiness level vs stress level  of students measure. When the student feels happy, there is more room for inspiration and creativity. He stores the data by measuring the pressure with which he  is held and with which it is written. The speed and accuracy of writing is also measured. The data can be viewed on a dashboard and creative inspiration actions can be linked to which students need. 

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