End product &  Exhibition

End result are future objects which  inspired  are on objects from the past, but have been given a new function and (possibly) design.

Not only the object itself, but also the design techniques used will become visible and determine the future object.  

During the exhibition, a portfolio book with photos of the process or  presented a video of the process of the new design  to become.

The best way to predict the future is to create it...

Example elaboration 


Past: I am a slate from the Middle Ages. I was used as scrap paper to write a song on because I was up for grabs when someone had a creative music idea and I'm soft enough  to scratch text.

Today:   I'm not seen enough people  do not see that I am more than a piece of stone. 

I'm not just any rock. I carry the writer's feelings on me in song.  I  would like to be able to make sound so that I can really be a music experience. 

Future: With the help of Augmented Reality you can activate the musical notes that are scratched into me. I  I am no longer slate, but with a mold made of  epoxy  with engraved text. This makes me unbreakable and I can change from visible to transparent material. The transparency of the material symbolizes the fact that everyone at first looked right through me without seeing my meaning. Now I have color and sound to stand out with. As you get closer the sound (with spatial sound) will get stronger and the tones will change in height. If you want I can style my song via Bluetooth  tune into your Spotify playlist.  Your presence influences my enthusiasm to play something for you and I hope my music does something to you too.  

                                                                       - Speculative Design-

leisteen muziek.jpg

The students are sent out to see the existing exhibition  to look critically before they  to create their own exhibition with the elaborated future objects.

What is the title of the exhibition?

How are objects placed?

Which images can be seen?

What does the exhibition maker want to convey?

Example of an elaboration of the exhibition with accompanying Objectwise instructions

The students make together  their own exhibition of objects and visual representations of Objects 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"   

                        -Albert Einstein-

images (1).jpg


- The presentation is in line with the     research question and the answers found have been translated into this

- A clear message is communicated

- The perception of your object is taken into account

- Thoughts have been made  about the interaction of each object with the audience