Presenting research results

From  the  to research  by  objects  follows  Object wise  2  lines in possible elaboration: 

er  is  aware  chosen  for  2  elaboration lines,  because  we  with this  options  want  to offer  for  pupils  and  teachers. 

Pupils  That  correct  textually  better  skillful  are  be able to  himself  likely  easier  in  debates  'to leave  to see'. 

But it is also possible to choose to challenge these students in designing and exhibiting and visual design. And vice versa. 


Verbal/Textual/Learn to present and debate

After examining the object, the answers found are shared through verbal presentation in a museum debate.

Objectwise wants with this  to create coherence between language teaching and the other disciplines.

* In a debate, the  sharing skills  read,  to speak,  listen 

and  to write  in  coherence  offered.

*  Object wise connects between  research skills and learning to argue and present the results of one's own research.

*  The arguments come  from different fields by researching with  Object wise.

* Source material can be provided in another language eg Latin, French, English. 

Image by MD Duran

Objectwijs works together with the Leiden Museum Debate and the Debat Unie.  More info:

The next museum debates will take place,  if  part  from Mayflower400, at:

10  June, 15  June and 17  June  2020 in  successively the Hortus,  Heritage  Leiden and the Lakenhal museum  

Also read more about Objectwijs in the theme year 2020: Mayflower400 Objectwijs card set


Create/Visual/Exhibit  and  story transfer

After  research  to become  the  found it  answers  translated  nasty  a  function adjustment  of the object  so that  this one  future'proof' and it  story  of this  visible  made  in  a  on  at  to build  portfolio of the  pupil.  

Jongen met DIY-robot

Hereby  connect Object wise  on  designing  learning/making education 

&  Digital  Literacy 

In  the final advice  'US  Education  2032' of the VO Council, it is indicated that 'working  and  to learn  in the  digital  world  and with  new ones  technologies to the core of  future-oriented 

education belong'.   They specifically mention: ICT basic knowledge,  information literacy,  media wise  to become  and  to learn 

understand how  technology  works.

Object wise is in line with this advice by:

* Let students create their own digital portfolio

* To become acquainted with and apply different design techniques.

* Using new technologies

* Media skills such as storytelling and social media  to bring the results to the attention of the public. 

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