Design the future


The future starts NOW


The students have researched the object and found answers to the research questions. And they  have gained a sense of the object's experiences in the present.   

Then it is now time to renew the object and prepare it for the future. 


Think of a new function and/or design for the object and process the argument to your main question in it

The student may use a choice of Future Forward cards with possibilities

Het tekenen van een storyboard

Example of possibilities

Physical capabilities

- Object can mirror something

- Object can (make) something move

Digital capabilities


Fiction Design

- Object can provide visual information

- Object can interact with other objects      to communicate

Internet of things/visualization techniques

- Augmented Reality

- Projection Mapping






Design Techniques

- Speculative Design

- Biomimicry

And then get to work....making...

Thereby  can be done by physical 3D design or visual design  be chosen, depending on the idea and the options chosen