Research questions in the classroom

This slate was found in 1984/'85 under Hofstede te Vliet in Lopikerkapel (Utrecht). It dates from the period between 1350 and 1475. The slate seems to have been used as scrap paper.  On this  the slate  scratched part of a song:  It's a boom  ("There's a tree," as the first line of the text reads). The song is only known from this slate  and recorded in this form in the Dutch Songs Bank. On the slate are staves and groups of words.

The text is not completely understandable, but the meaning is clear. It is a love song in rhyme and contains a garden metaphor: about a tree that bears fruit, a heart that aches and a garden that no other gardener is allowed to enter. The best part is that some notes are crossed out and words are missing. Other words are written far apart, to fit the notes ('other court man in'). So here someone was making a song and more than five hundred years later we can watch.

The object you just viewed is a medieval slate with a song on it!

Research in the classroom:

- answering perspective questions based on sources

- answering the research question in a reasoned manner

Image by Eric Nopanen


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Source: Museum of Ethnology

Research question

Will music always exist?

Perspective question social studies

What do you know about the rights to music?

Listen to the accompanying music fragments  and read article:

10 alleged cases of plagiarism 

Band zanger presteren

Perspective-question geography

Similar songs with the same function  (eg  lullabies,  love songs)

in different cultures? 

View source: November 2019 article

Perspective question Biology

Is musicality innate?

Watch Erik Scherder's interview on You Tube

Muziek klas

Assignment: present the answers to each other

- Use photos  or drawings 

- In a role play

- Use Video 

 (on tablet or mobile) 

- Make up your own creative  way 

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