Leiden Culture Menu

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The Leiden Culture Menu consists of 6 parts:

- Research in the museum

- Research questions in the classroom

- Ethnographic research

- Design the future

- Exhibition

- Storytelling and audience

Research in the museum: investigating the  past 

- Critically ask questions:

1) with regard to the object

2) with regard to the object and its context


Source: National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

The students go  working in groups in the museum, we call them Creative Squads. Every Creative Squad goes out the same object  explore the museum.


Source research is carried out,  where critical  questions are asked using the Object Maps. Sources can be found via the Object Maps*.


This   can be physical sources in the museum, but also individuals or online sources can be consulted. After this part we go to the place where the object is and discover what the object is.

* Students can also choose to provide source material themselves

  to be searched.

onderzoek verleden.jpg

Source: National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

Example: The Object & Object Analysis


What do you see?

What material is

made this object?

What does the object say about the time in which it was made?

Do you think this object is part of something bigger?

Do you know  what is this object?