Debate Hortus

Ages of students: 10-14 years

Proposed theme: biological globalization: intentionally or unintentionally giving species of plants or animals a "lift" across land borders  to.


The Pilgrims brought us plants  that are native to the New World, including corn, tomato, tobacco, pumpkin, and sunflower.

Example statement: You can only learn about biology from an exhibition on plants from the New World.

Generic Objectwise Questions for Object Analysis


What  see  you?  

> Which  form  has  the object? 

> Which  colour  has  the object?                                                                                          

> How  feels  the object?  ( slippery,  rough,  cold warm)    

> Can the object  sound  to make?  

> From  which  material  is  the  object  made?        

> What  fall  you up  at  the object?                                                                

>  Is  the  object  a  old object of  back in the days  or from now?         

> Is the object  often  used  think  you?   

   True  see  you  Which  at?  ( note  on  true  the  worn out  or  damaged  is) 

> What  would  the  function  of the object (been  be able to)  are?  

> Is the object  part  by  something  bigger  think  you? If so  from what? * 

> What  for  kind  object is it?             

   (  eg  a  tools,  ter  decoration,  a   utensil  at home  or  Others  room)                                              > Can the object  yourself  to move? 

> Does the object always stay the same or does it change over time?

> How  smells  the object?                             


Context questions: 

Through  who would be the object  could have been used? 

When  would the object  have been used?  

why would  the object  ever  be cautious?