Debate Heritage

Ages students: 14-17 years

Proposed theme: the Leiden400 commemoration in Leiden in the global context.

Example statement:  We should not celebrate the story of the Pilgrims (worldwide), but commemorate it.

Generic Objectwise Questions for Object Analysis

See questions for 10-14 years


Additional  ask  for  VO  substructure 

>  Has  the  color of the object a  meaning  think  you?                                                  

> Which  texture  has  the object? 

> Is it  material  durable  think  you? 

> What details  see  you? 

> And what  to tell  this one  details you about  the  object? 

> How old  think  you  Which  the object is? 

> Would the object  somewhere  for  symbol  (be able to)  stand?                                                  

> How  smells  the object?  What  say  this  you? 

> Is the object  symmetrical? Or  correct  asymmetrical? What would the  rode  can be for that? 

> Is the object  a  traditional  object?  If so, for whom?

> have  we  something  now in  our  time  what  seems  on  this  object? (same  form,  appearance  or  correct  same  function)  


Context questions: 

Through  who would be the object  could have been used? 

When  would the object  have been used?  

why would  the object  ever  be cautious? 

Does the object have  a  social-cultural  function  (had)?