Objects in the school

Objects in a fixed place in the school make research visible and tangible.  


Objects  or  Pictures  by  objects can be a  physical  Place  into school by placing them in a classroom. Depending on the school and students, you can determine what kind of room this can be. 

Objects can be placed as part of a production room or interactive space, but you could also opt for a living room atmosphere. 

An Object Based (classroom) room is a learning environment that appeals to the imagination and provokes curiosity. An environment that encourages students to actively learn and further develop their talent/competences. Within this environment, inspiring mobile elements are needed that make the Objectwijslokaal  and connects the other classrooms (bringing together knowledge, research and discovery). Objects form these connecting elements. Objects can be historical objects, but also everyday objects. This combination makes exciting and curious. 

Within this room, students can use Object Based Learning  and getting started with the Objectwise teaching material. Via QR code stickers at the objects, students can collect more information via their mobile phone or tablet in order to arrive at answers in their research. 

If there is no whole room available or you want more mobility  you can give objects a (temporary) permanent place in a room or corridor in another way.

Think of an Object wall or  a display case.

Show Room

Why get started with objects:


In Object Based Learning, objects are connecting cross-curricular mobile elements that  can be used inside and outside the classroom, to which interdisciplinary research questions are linked. Objects are the tangible carriers and storytellers of the present, past and future. They arouse curiosity and can be explored from different perspectives.  

Thinking about a physical space for objects in your school?   

Large or small, from a small display case to a manufacturing room...


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