Object-wise more teaching material and support in the classroom

There are currently 3 themes available: Freedom, Identity and Participation. Within these 3 themes, a different sub-theme is discussed for each object, from nature to law, from clothing industry to genetic manipulation. Enough possibilities to connect to themes that are discussed at school or in lessons.  

A theme includes Object Maps belonging to 5 museum objects from different Leiden museums. On the Object-wise cards you will find object-wise questions, challenging research questions and QR codes to source material. The Object Maps are connected to a digital exhibition space where the associated objects are displayed. This space is located on a specially designed and accessible website for students on which students can go through the research process independently, in groups or with the whole class on the basis of accompanying video material and sources in order to arrive at nuanced answers to the research question. .  

If you have already purchased a theme, you can order additional card sets for a small amount. 

Sometimes it is more useful to have several sets of cards on hand depending on how you want to use the teaching material and how many students are working with it.  

Price 1 extra card set of 1 object : € 5

Price 1 extra loose general questions card set: € 8.50

When purchasing themes by multiple schools in a comprehensive school, we will make a custom quote. ​

Would you like to get started with the Objectwijs teaching material? Sometimes you are just too busy. Then we can also get started with your students. 

  • Object wise lesson of 1.5 hours in class by Makers of Tomorrow  € 125,- euros 

  • Or order a strip card with which we can work with the Objectwijs teaching material at your school (in the same class or different classes) at several moments.  

    - Strip card 5x  Object wise lesson  : € 575,-

Note: Objectwise lessons by Makers of tomorrow in the classroom are only given with the Objectwise teaching materials already purchased by school.  

Masterclass Objectwise for teachers

Working with Objectwijs, 1 half day :  € 795,- for a team of up to 8 teachers*


For the best effect, it is important that all teachers within the school who start working with Objectwijs, follow the associated Teacher Training Objectwijs. Teachers learn to work with the material themselves and to know different working methods, so that they can gear Objectwise better to the learning of the individual student or the group. In addition, we show how Objectwise can be used to make 'sensitive' topics open for discussion and to enter into a dialogue.  

When working with Objectwise in the classroom, we recommend an Objectwise workshop.

The teacher experiences for himself how Objectwise is in the implementation and can then immediately use the Objectwise in his or her class. 

In addition, the different teaching methods with Objectwise are presented to the teacher with which you can get started. 

This Masterclass is given at your school.


*More participants in consultation.


3 Phase Projects:  research  and  to design  with Makers of Tomorrow  


The  cost  by  a  3  phase  project  amounts : €  1695,-  


  • Project:  object wall  Wall of Object Point of Attention 

make  a  famous Object Wall (  exhibition  at  the  wall)  or  Object  point of attention (  OPOA) with you  class,  which  symbol  state  for  you  school,  existing  from  3  components  divided  about 3  to dawn;  connecting, 1  daypart  per week or with  multiple  weeks  intermediate: 

  1:  To research  by  a  object:  different  to learn  to look  nasty  objects  and  their  where the 

2: It  to design  of the object  by  the  future, that  symbol  state  for  you  school 

3: It  to make  by  a  Object Wall or the Object Point of Attention  

At the Object Wall  makes  each  pupil  a  own  design  for  a  new  object  which  symbol  state  for  the school.  This one  to design  come  at  the  wall  at  to hang  if  a  exhibition.  

At Object Point  Or  Attention  to make  pupils  together  a  object in 3D  which  symbol  state  for  the school.  Pupils  from  1  class  or  various  classes  be able to  to this  Participate.  (There is  well  a  limit  on the  number of  pupils  to  good  accompaniment  at  be able to  offer:  this  differs  per school in  consultation)   



  • Project:  Objects  and the  future  from L city:  

  Objects  initiate  City of knowledge, Makers of Tomorrow  at  the hit  together  with you  students, project  existing  from  3  components  divided  about 3  to dawn,  connecting, 1  daypart  per week or with  multiple  weeks  intermediate: 

  1. In the  class:  research  nasty  objects  in the city 

  1. In the city:  Object interview  and  effect  future story  by  objects  with video or  photos.   

  1. Urban City:   visual  to work out  ECO  system:  a  urban city  to make  in which  the  elaborate  objects  a  role  play. 

Closing  by means of  presentation  Urban City on  a  public  location  or in the school 

  Pupils  from  1  class  or  from  various  classes  be able to  to this  Participate.  (There is  well  a  limit  on the  number of  pupils  to  good  accompaniment  at  be able to  offer:  this  differs  per school in  consultation) 

Longer  ongoing  projects:  

Prices  by  below  projects  on  application.  Quotation  is going to be  in tune  at the school and  school wishes.   


Project week  Object Based Learning 

  1  school week  daily  at  get started with  objects.   Various  working methods  of  both  everyday  objects  if  museum  objects  come  during  this one  week  at  bid. By  research  until  creation. And we  to go  the  door  out, on the road... The  door  nasty  the  world  by  objects  is  opened....      


It  Leiden  culture menu  during  multiple  weeks 

This one  consists  from  6  components: 

-  Research  in the museum 

-  Research questions  in the  class 

-  Ethnographic  research 

-  Design  the  future 

-  Exhibition 

- Storytelling and  audience  


Roaming Objects 

During  a  longer  period...objects  and  your  contribution  at  their  life story...usually  to look  people  nasty  what  a  object  worth  is  for  them, but what  if  we  Which  now  once  turn around?  which  where the  joint  you  please  at  their  to live? What  makes  a  object with you? 

Continuous. Makers of Tomorrow  to make  a  start in school  after which  the teacher it  can  to take over  when  desirable  or  determined  is going to be  with school  when  the project  is going to be  rounded.  


One  own  Object room  

Do you have   all the way  the  taste  at  to grab?  create  together  with you  pupils  and Makers of Tomorrow  a  Object room  at your school!   


For all  above  prices on this page apply:  Prices  are  excl. VAT, excl.  travel expenses  and excl.  shipping costs  Bee  order  from the  teaching materials.  

Acquainted? We are happy to visit your school without obligation to tell you more about Objectwijs!  Or would you like to meet you in an online meeting.