Challenging Perspectives

Challenge your students to make muffled voices from the past heard again!

Research question : Whose voice is heard or muffled in history?

Statement: It is good if the majority in society decides who deserves a monument.

Assignment: Design and realize a monument to a stifled voice


We invite all secondary school students from Leiden and the surrounding area to participate in 2021 in jointly investigating muffled voices, debating who in society determines whether a voice is heard or muffled, and designing a new monument for a special choked voice.  


How can we help students give meaning to their global citizenship in this complex time? How can education contribute to their understanding of truth-finding? Which different angles and perspectives play a role in this? Our focus is on identity, history, society and diversity.  


Challenging Perspectives is an educational project that brings together research, debate and design. It is possible in Dutch, but also in English in a bilingual program together with schools in Plymouth (UK) and Plymouth (USA). Students can participate in teams of three in age categories 11-14 and 14-18. Teachers have a coaching role and receive training and materials to fulfill that role. Supervise and judge tour guides from the Leiden Museums. It is possible to run the entire project or in parts:


Phase 1: Research

+Masterclass 19/1/2021

+Learning material Objectwise

+Guidance Objectwise

Phase 2: Debate

+Debate at RMO 14/6/2021

+Workshop Debating with Students 10/2/21 in collaboration with Debat Institute

+English speaking

Phase 3: Design

+Training Design Thinking

+International teams

+Public delivery 11/2021

Important data:

January 19, 2021         Masterclass Objectwise

February 10, 2021        Launch Challenging Perspectives, with Debate Workshop

June 14, 2021            Public Museum Debate (RMO, Leiden)

Nov 10, 2021      Final of the design thinking challenge


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