Extra information for teachers 

Object Based Learning brings:


- a hybrid application:  transcends space, transcends subject matter, transcends level, transcends sector, school-wide applicable, circular program, options for the teacher, differentiated learning. Objects can be examined from different angles, in terms of their social, cultural, societal and economic function.

- look and think differently:  awareness of choices, critical questions/research  

- getting acquainted with different aspects of design: different design methods, researching, designing, applying new technologies  

- using creativity and imagination:  to imagine the past, to empathize with an object, to speculate the possibilities of the future.  

- learning as a broad concept: in dialogue with the world around you; together with other students, objects, experts, both inside and outside, in the past, present and future, with autonomy and in meaningful interaction, in involvement and joint responsibility

-connection to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: each object has a research question related to a social issue. Objectwijs helps teachers to put the 17 SDGs into practice together with their students.

Film and video in Objectwijs teaching materials

With a future-oriented  educational offer belongs to an organization of the school that  enables students to learn less in terms of place and time. 

Film and video is an essential part of Objectwijs. The world of children and young people has changed a lot in recent years. Image (on screen) has become a permanent part of their experience. Not only at home, but also outside the door and in education. 

In order to be part of the young person's experience as a school, you will have to speak the same language: visual language. Objectwijs also offers a connection between the physical and digital world by connecting physical objects and teaching materials with video and blended learning in order to make a good connection with the perception of teenagers and young people.

Evaluation & Reflection


Are you curious about what your students learn from Object Based Learning?  We can use the Have You Learned Enough Today App for that. This gives the opportunity to evaluate anonymously in seconds in 2 short questions with just the push of a button. Have you learned enough today? Yes/no, please rate.


Possibly a third question can be asked: What can we do to give you a higher score next x? 

In this way it is possible to adjust where necessary after each meeting and to keep track of where the motivation and challenge are  without any additional effort required for evaluation.