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Looking for the dialogue  in an ever-changing world

We are Makers of tomorrow, professionals with experience and passion for research, design, art & culture, new technologies & education. What concerns us ? Responding to opportunities to consciously shape the future.

How do we do that?  By entering into a dialogue with the world around us. We do that with people and with  attention to objects .

Objects are storytellers par excellence, leading us to insights and meanings from multiple perspectives. And it is precisely the latter that makes them ideal discussion partners to enter into a dialogue with: voiceless, unbiased, authentic and open to research and discovery of the past, present and future. Objects are there for anyone who wants to start a conversation with them... at any time, in any place, from any perspective...

Image by Daria Tumanova
Image by Marco Xu
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Start the dialogue with objects and with each other  in the school:

Discover our Objectwise teaching material for Object Based Learning

Objectwise arose from the need to create a coherent  education provision to students. Makers of Tomorrow has united with teachers and other education professionals to bring a new way of teaching in schools in which objects are the connectors that challenge teachers and students to recreate the world around them from different perspectives.  discover and give meaning.

Research skills, wonder, creativity and imagination

Coherence between the different fields and meaning 

In dialogue with objects and classmates, multi-perspective thinking

Lecturer is a facilitator of engagement and learning

4 online exhibitions > with objects from the National Museum of Antiquities, Museum De Lakenhal, Heritage Leiden, De Hortus and Naturalis > in which viewing is central and for secondary education connect 15 socially-critical research questions to the objects...from multiple perspectives...

Object-wise active in citizenship and social issues

Object wise has as its starting point: interdisciplinary learning with objects.

Object wise, we provide teachers with a means to let students actively work on citizenship in a safe setting. The teaching material presents objects from Leiden museums and a related research question. Through source research and contextual understanding of the past, students are challenged to think critically about current issues in the present.


The sustainable issues associated with the objects offer teachers and students a great opportunity to put the Sustainable Development Goals into practice. Object wise can also be a good preparation for the profile papers.


The focus here is on learning to look well, wonder and imagination, multi-perspective thinking and giving meaning. We make research and (sensitive) subjects visible and tangible through objects. Objectwise lays a critical, nuanced foundation for working with the answers found. Other teaching methods can match this. In addition, we offer schools total packages from research to development. We also facilitate Objectwijs in collaboration with other educational initiatives, such as the Museum Debat and Challenging Perspectives.

Teaching materials

With our teaching materials we support teachers to move from the "font of knowledge" to the "facilitator of engagement & learning".


Objectwijs consists of 1 online exhibition15 Museum Objects (for PO) and 3 exhibitions: Freedom, Identity & Participation (for PE) with in each exhibition 5 objects from 5 different Leiden Museums. For VO, each object is associated with a socially critical research question. The secondary education students can work in groups or 2 with the accompanying videos and the source material. Each object also has its own card set with contextual and perspective questions that help the student arrive at a nuanced answer to the research question. After that, answers can be presented in different ways. From debate in the relevant museum to an exhibition. From a song to a new recipe with weeds .... you can think of it so crazy,  

Work is currently underway on the development of part 5 Objectwise for the final exam classes.

Below you will find an overview of all parts Objectwise:

© The example object used in this presentation is the artwork 'Forward' by Atelier van Lieshout in the collection of Museum de Lakenhal.

Watch here some videos for inspiration about different forms of working with Objectwijs:





Interdisciplinary learning

More Projects Object Based Learning

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Makers of Tomorrow also gives guest lessons  at school. We provide the following

Object Based Learning lessons for every secondary school class:

Menigte met maskers

Ports: mirrors & windows

Learn to read a portrait like you can read a text. What do you see? What is this person's story? Why did the artist capture this person in this way?

Everyday objects, seen differently

Looking beyond the obviousness of everyday objects; what material are they made of and what can they do? By whom are they used, how and why?

'Een pilgrim in Leiden': een interactieve wandeling.
We bezoeken verschillende objecten die ons meer vertellen over het leven van de Pilgrims, hun tijd in Leiden en hun reis op de Mayflower.  

If you would like to know more about our projects, collaborations or guest lectures, please do not hesitate to contact us!